Right down to the last detail, intentions and designs become reality. Mastery of production
is crucial to ensuring that the product meets our high standards of design
in terms of its final form and its finishings.



Feasibility study

As soon as the project is launched, the creative and production teams jointly study the project's feasibility in terms of forms, materials and costs.


Prototype creation

After the designs have been approved, the production team embarks on creating the prototypes in conjunction with the head of our workshop.


Launch of production

Each stage of production is overseen by our project leader, who is responsible for ensuring that everything runs smoothly


Quality Control

Our constant on-site presence and the intervention of our quality controllers at the key stages of production are imperative and a reflection of our complete commitment.



We deliver the consignment right to your warehouse

Resolutely committed to authenticity and respecting the unique characteristics of local cultures,
we seek out traditional techniques and new materials all over the world.


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Processus de production de l'agence ANHA