Stimulating renewal, departing from the standard approach, transmuting materials in order to reinvent them, insisting on stringent standards right down to the finishings, and our sheer passion

for what we do are what set us apart.




We get a sense of the universe of the brand or product's identity by creating a mood board that conveys the overall atmosphere and identifies the shapes, finishings and colours that express its DNA.



The creative proposals come after the mood board has been approved and they provide a formal and functional representation of the product.


3D Modelling

Working from the creative option that has been selected, we give form to the project in three dimensions.


Choice of materials

Working in close conjunction with the production team, the designers verify the feasibility of the sketches while still at the creative reflection stage



The 3D modelling incorporates the forms and materials as well as the graphic elements of the brand, producing a preview of the final product.


Technical plans

Our technical plans specify the dimensions, materials, and colours that our artisans will use when manufacturing the product.

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Processus de création de l'agence de design ANHA